School Meals

Break and Lunchtimes

Our award winning catering team provide a wide choice of meals, there are a number of food options including; hot meals, pasta, salads, oven baked potatoes as well as sandwiches and fresh fruit. A chilled and filtered water system is available in the dining hall for all pupils to use, facilities for pupils who wish to bring a packed lunch are also available.

Primary school meals are paid for in cash. Secondary students use our Biometric Cashless Catering system as described below.

Free School Meals – Eligibility

All students in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 receive a free school meal, however must apply using the details below.

To apply for free school meals for your child, you must live in Newcastle and be in receipt of one of the following qualifying benefits:

• Income Support
• Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
• Income-related employment and support allowance
• Support from the National Asylum Support Service under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
• Child Tax Credit and not in receipt of Working Tax Credit and a household income below £16,190
• The Guarantee element of State Pension Credit

If you are a young person who receives Income Support or income based Jobseeker’s Allowance in your own right, you are also entitled to receive free school meals.

How to apply?

To apply use the online application form available here.

For further information visit Newcastle City Council’s website here.


Biometric Cashless Catering – Secondary only

Each pupil has an individual account containing information already held on our school database and a numeric value based upon the scanned finger print image of your son/daughter. As the actual fingerprint is not stored on the system it is not possible to recreate the image for any other purpose. The Academy is subject to the same terms and conditions of the Data Protection Act in holding this information as we are with any other information we already hold on your child.

For your information the benefits the IMPACT Biometric Cashless System claim to have are set out below:

• Queuing is much reduced as no time is lost waiting for pupils to retrieve cards/cash from pockets or purses.
• There is no distinction between pupils who pay and those entitled to receive Free School Meals.
• Accounts can be credited in advance.
• A comprehensive reporting system is available to parents/carers so that you could get a detailed breakdown of your child’s spending.
• The system is so ‘cashless’ that Till Points do not have a cash drawer.
• There are re-valuation machines in each area of the Academy so that cash can be credited to pupil accounts before school, at break time, lunch time or after school.
• There is the option to make a credit to your son/daughter’s account by cheque via the Academy reception.